Recently a public class action lawsuit was filed against Quest Nutrition regarding the accuracy of the nutrition labels of Quest Bars.

Here are the lab reports that have been released for several Quest Bar flavors.

Download the PDF file for the full report.

According to the lab results, there seems to be a discrepancy between the nutrition labels and actual nutritional content.




Quest Bar Lab Report


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  1. Nyrin says:

    Um, yeah. Check out the lab’s website and scroll down to their available dietary fiber assays.

    You’ll notice that they have a separate assay for products with significant oligosaccharide content–Quest Bars are over 30%. The test used here is, perhaps purposefully and maliciously, entirely the wrong test to use.

    The reason this is important is that the standard dietary fiber assays use old AOAC practices that don’t mimic at all how oligosaccharides get digested in humans. The old standards involve letting the samples sit in amylase for 16 hours, which is *way* longer than the bolus is going sit in your small intestine.

    Wrong methodology, bad results, probable fearmongering.

  2. […] a followup story was posted that included what appears to be the full lab report (direct PDF link) that “proves” […]

  3. […] slapped on them for misrepresenting the amount of fiber in their bars last year. Whether it’s accurate or not is beside the point – what’s funny is that it turns out it’s difficult to […]

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